It has detoxification function.

Fructus Swietenia Macrophylla

It has significant treatment effects for diabetes, high blood pressure, allergic diseases, endocrine disorders, etc. It also can eliminate fatigue, enhance physical strength, detoxify, repair tissue, improve conception rate, strengthen solid, activate Cells, glamorous beauty, prevent aging, strong stomach and lungs, hangover and liver protection, benefiting blood and tonifying pulse, strengthening phlegm and diarrhea, clearing poison and detoxifying, regulating blood sugar.


It is a neurotonic that improves memory and reduces mental fatigue. It can also lower blood pressure and treat liver diseases


It is a widely loved spice. Cinnamon has the effect of relieving pain and promoting blood circulation, lowering blood sugar and blood lipid.

Withania somnifera

It is mainly used to nourish and strengthen the body, especially in the case of overwork or mental fatigue. It also has the function of lowering blood pressure and improving sexual function.