We are a traditional sinusitis treatment center dedicated to developing treatment and products that can improve nose sensitivity, sinusitis, rhinitis, thick nasal discharge, headache, flu, mucus backflow, snoring, smelly nose, poor sense of smell and some chronic nose problems.

A treatment plan will be provided after the therapist has assessed and gained a better understanding of the patient’s condition and situation.

<Advance Sinusitis Treatment> is our main treatment plan which divided into 5 steps, a total of 80 minutes to complete the treatment.

1,  <Herbal Care> Inhalation of herbal powder can be effective in helping to drain the secretions from nasal cavity, especially those who are infected or chronic runny nose.
2,  <Inflammation Care> Fresh mint oil developed by Tobib Lee, which effectively and gradually improves the symptoms of inflammation.
3,  <Rinse Care> Deeply cleans the residual secretions in the nasal cavity by using medical salt.
4, <Steam Care> nose steam therapy is 20 mins long, using 11 Chinese herbal ingredients (HOT STEAM) + medical salt (COLD STEAM).
5,  <Massage Care> LNSS massage is 30 mins long which including 4 parts of lymph, nerve, sinus and soft tissue.
sinusitis treatment center

Removing dirty mucus and inflammation care

sinusitis treatment center

Saline Wash

sinusitis treatment center


sinusitis treatment center


Tobib Lee is an expert in helping patients cure sinus problems with traditional methods.

In Malaysia, about 10 million Malaysian suffer from sinusitis at least once each year.

Sinus problems are inflammation, or swelling, of the tissue that lines the sinuses. Sinus problems are hollow spaces in the bones between your eyes, behind your cheekbones, and in your forehead.

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