Have very strong bactericidal action, especially to upper respiratory tract and alimentary infection. Garlic is good for killing pathogenic bacteria and parasites, and can prevent influenza, wound infection, treatment of infectious diseases.

Morinda Citrifolia
It can eliminate the accumulated toxins in the body, maintain the alkalinity of the blood and the balance of bacteria in the field. Nori can strengthen cells, promote digestion, and increase immunity.

Fennelflower Seed
It has excellent anti-bacterial and anti-viral functions, so it is very effective to cure inflammation, sore throat infections, as well as disinfecting the throat. Black seeds can help strengthen autoimmune systems, especially acute allergic reactions caused by asthma or hay fever. They can also stop these foreign substances from stimulating and dilating the bronchial tubes.

Fructus Xanthii
The main effect is treat rheumatism and rhinitis

Chinese Angelica
It can promote blood circulation and reduce swelling, relieve pain, and replenish blood and muscle